Completed in 2010, thought a two- stage design, which allows us to take advantage of the uneven gravity field and working with natural and mechanically we must intervene as little as possible, and we can to respect the grapes. We equipped with the latest technologies to facilitate work processes and better control at all times, so that in the end result, nothing is left to chance.

It is always a pleasure to welcome visitors, so you only have to say and the time and we will be pleased  to welcome you and make you spend a pleasant, interesting and fun.



All great stories has a character that ensures that everything goes the right way. In our case, this person is Alain Graillot. He is a well -known winemaker Crozes – Hermitage region in France that makes wines from places as diverse as Morocco, Venice, Priorat and Australia, who is responsible for directing and supervising all our manufacturing processes, to can get a result at the height of their requirements, we mean, a product of the highest quality .