We are fortunate to be surrounded by some beautiful places and we know. What we also know is that a good wine begins in the vineyard and to produce good wines and maintain our landscapes so we decided from the start good for farming, in which we are certified with the seal of Ecocert, but not happy with it and how we want to be sure , to ourselves , we have the utmost respect for the earth, we use increasingly, techniques and guidelines that gives biodynamics



The vineyards are spread over 12 terraces that work manually or with the help of small machinery and try to use only natural products. The vines are planted on a trellis, it means, they have a structure of steel wires that hold and are covered with mesh to protect them from hail and animals.

The harvest, like other processes is done manually and in boxes of 10 kg to avoid the crush grapes and damaged.



The grape varieties are chosen for their ability to adapt to cold climates and the quality of wines that give.

Riesling is a white variety, of German origin, obtained with tasty wines, aromatic with lots of nuances and its characteristic natural acidity.

– The Cornalin is a red variety of Swiss origin, well adapted to our terraces and is the basis of Torb.

Merlot and Syrah are two red varieties that are used around the world and, depending on the clime, cold or warm, but produce different wines of great quality.

Here at Cellar Borda Sabate , we like to work in the pursuit of excellence • excellence , we keep testing and experiments to try other varieties which are adapted to the terrain and climate and what are the resulting wines , always thinking in the future and what we can introduce innovations without losing the seal of authenticity characteristic of our wines .