Borda Sabaté (Joan Albert Farré), Comú de Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra


It is a typical mountain farm, owned by our family, Sabate family since 1944, near the southern border and grabs a mountainside.

At the bottom of the slope, where there are located the “borda”, even today, we are dedicated to the breeding of cows , which have always been the wish of the family and are certified as Quality Meat Andorra and tobacco cultivation which obtained excellent yields thanks to the location of the land .


To explain this birth, is needed to play to add. Add the interest, the enthusiasm and the love of a father for the world of wine, a child who wants to go ahead with the project that this father had imagined, an appropriate land and the desire and enthusiasm needed to develop everything.

The result is a winery located between 1100 and 1190 meters, fail geographical location, climatic conditions and terrain characteristics suitable to produce our Altitude Wines.